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See what our friends think of Mister K's Clubhouse!
Image by Artem Kniaz
Erika Felt
Ms. Erika's Playschool

"I've worked with young children for over 20 years and Mister K is a wonderful resource to teach the little ones in a way that young children learn, with lots of giggles, wiggles, and relatable cast! Thank you for showing every day children and caring in every show."

Sonita Buddi
Brighten Our Future ELC

"Mister K's Clubhouse is such a fun and engaging way to help children learn. The kids think it is so cool when they get to see Mister K (they think he climbed out of the TV for them). He is easy to work with and professional. I look forward to seeing the future of Mister K's Clubhouse!"

Carey Stinson
Purple Roads Podcast
"Body Actor of Barney the Dinosaur"

"It's important to have people like Kerron who are young and passionate and understands the importance of love and putting it out there in the world. We're so grateful to have someone like you."

Dr. Patricia Newman
Founder of R.E.S.P.E.C.T
Clinical Child Psychologist

"I just love to go to Mister K’s Clubhouse! There are so many fun ways to learn! Singing! Dancing! Puppets! Creating! Inventing! Reading! Listening! Acting! One of the best things is talking with Mister K about all of the adventures that exist in your own community - and in your own imagination! Mister K is a great role model for all of us no matter how old we are - he encourages us to do our best, accepts us when things don’t go as planned and is super good at stirring up our creativity and helping us discover lots of things that make each of us special. I’m so glad he’s my friend and colleague (and a RESPECT Community Partner!) I hope a lot of kids and families will visit Mister K’s Clubhouse to learn and grow!"

Stephanie Kidd, PhD
Radio Theatre Omaha
Artistic Director

"I've been a professional theatre artist and educator for more than 20 years, and I cannot say enough about the work Kerron Stark does with Mister K's Clubhouse in our community. The actual show is delightful, but more than that, the organization (Dreams V Reality) works hard to provide support for Omaha kids and families. Kerron has a huge heart and is the kind of community organizer Omaha needs - forward-thinking, selfless, giving, and always putting others first. I am always proud to collaborate with him and excited to support his work."

Bill Hoover

"Mister K's Clubhouse provides an immersive experience, interactive with the audience in a fun and educational way. The children sing, laugh, dance, and learn, in a blend of positivity, safety, and enrichment. I highly recommend Mister K's Clubhouse, for teaching, entertaining, and inspiring children and adults, and entire families."

Catrice Bryson
MyTrauma MyTransformation

"Mister K is amazing and very professional at what he does. He is a very special person and has a great passion for children. We have partnered to do some great things and he took on the task and executed the task with no complaints and a humble mind and heart. Mister K is SIMPLY AMAZING."

Kaelin Denton
UntouchedVO - Voice Over Artist

"It is an incredible honor to work with such a wonderful and passionate person like Kerron. His motto of “Color the World with Kindness” very much represents the person he is, and will continue to be. Mister K’s Clubhouse is a true embodiment of the early children’s development programs I personally grew up with, and it’s truly inspiring to watch a dream come true!"

Emilia Leonetti
Founder of Leonetti Tuition

"As someone who is a fan of children's media, and as someone who has been educating children for ten years, Kerron Stark has hit his target with entertaining and educating young minds. I feel incredibly privileged to have consulted with and written for Mister K's Clubhouse, a quality show the littlest among us can enjoy!"

Aden Kovar

"I LOVE THIS SHOW AND THE IDEA OF IT. It's awesome! I love that at the end the closing song tells kids that they are simply amazing and the educational message of the show in each episode I think is nice, awesome and simply amazing."

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