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Mister K's Clubhouse is...

Omaha's only live-action, educational preschool series aimed at children ages 1-7 years of age, created, produced by, and starring Kerron Stark. The series focuses on the title character who conveys educational messages through songs and dance with a positive and loving attitude. Reminiscent of popular educational programs of the past, Mister K's Clubhouse brings a fresh and modern twist to the traditional styles of teaching through video media, for a new generation of children.

We assist parents and caregivers in providing children the opportunities to learn and gain the range of skills that are needed to grow. As well as, influence all children to follow their dreams, use their imaginations, and teach that we are all special through 
reinforcements of love.

Children will love to sing along, dance along, and play along with their friend and mentor through life, Mister K. So get your thinking caps and your imaginations, and join us at the Clubhouse! We can't wait to see you there.

Mister K's Clubhouse currently airs on:

YouTube and YouTube Kids if you search "Mister K's Clubhouse"

DBTV on your ROKU device or Amazon Firestick

KPAO Omaha Public Access on Cox Cable Channel 22

Kold Open on Apple+ TV

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If you've ever been to see Mister K live or if you have ever watched one of our episodes, your feedback is needed.

When you provide feedback, you help the nonprofit behind the show to secure more funding by helping us understand the types of people we are impacting. Thank you in advance!

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